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In retail businesses it is important to build strong and long-lasting customer relationships, so as to ensure that your customers feel safe and confident to proceed with a purchase. After all, building a standard client database matters the most, since customer loyalty will drive up both profitability and growth.

In order to thank your customers for their loyalty, you should never forget to reward them and make them feel that you truly appreciate their consistency.

A research made by mobile commerce daily showed that “20% of respondents said they make more unplanned purchases because of retailer SMS text messages”.

Main Benefits

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SMS marketing enables you to communicate directly and effectively with your audience via their mobile phones, while giving you he opportunity to send:
  • mensajes-massivos-españolexclusive mobile coupons
  • exclusive offers
  • reminders
  • notifications (text alerts) regarding the launch of new products & services
  • custom notifications informing your customers about the availability of a product
  • announcements regarding special sales events

SMSARENA features for retailers

SMSARENA offers various features that you can take advantage of! Let's see some of them:

Add your sender name

Go to SMS screen, select the Add Sender name and type the sender of your choice.

Select validity period

Select from the SMS screen the period that the SMS will try to be delivered to clients’ mobiles.When this time period expires, your SMS will be marked as undelivered.

Send personalized SMS

Go to Personalized SMS screen, select the contact lists and type the SMS with the respective personalized options.

Add marketing campaigns

In SMS campaigns section, set the date range of your campaigns and add the related scheduled sendings in the campaigns, in order to manage them successfully.

Create your Address Book

Go to Address book section, add custom columns of your choice and upload your client’s database along with their mobile numbers.

View detailed reports of your sendings

Go to Reports section, click on Reports by sending and view the delivery reports of your sendings.