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Travel businesses focus on hotel and tourism marketing management, since they constantly need to communicate their offers and attract new customers during the seasonal periods.

There is a plethora of destinations, special offers and choices for travelers, thus making it even harder for travel agencies and hotels to successfully approach customers.

Main Benefits

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This is where SMS marketing comes in, so as to fulfill the needs of your business and provide you with the opportunity to:
  • mensajes-massivos-españolsend promotions regarding accommodation, flights, car rentals
  • send voucher numbers, passwords, invoices
  • communicate alerts regarding weather or safety alerts
  • send booking confirmations
  • send reminders regarding booking or payment processes
  • send educational or entertainment proposals

SMSARENA features for travel agencies

Below you can find some important features of our platform that can actually be of use to you:

Send SMS to any country

Contact us in order to enable the country that you need to send SMS.

Use Unicode character encoding and send SMS to non-latin countries

In SMS Screen, select the unicode encoding and write your message in Russian, Greek or any other language.