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API features

Our SMS APIs support the following features:

SMS Options

  • Send SMS from your application
  • Send SMS to multiple contacts
  • Send SMS with HTTP POST or GET request
  • Fully compatible APIs that you can download immediately
  • Real-time SMS delivery reports​
  • Personalize sender name (e.g. company namer)​
SMS Options
Configuration Options

Configuration Options

  • Send Flash SMS
  • Schedule your SMS
  • Send SMS with validity period​
  • Long messages up to 612 characters
  • Check the balance of your account

Why to use

an API Connection

The SMS API offers businesses a direct messaging channel for fast and automated SMS sendings to their customers.
SMS APIs are widely used for transactional messages eg One Time Passwords in various applications
and industries providing a valuable communication channel.

Porqué utilizar una conexión API

Take advantage of our sophisticated SMS API capabilities and increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SMS APIs are commonly used to:

  • inform customers about sales, offers and other promotions
  • send automatic status updates for purchases and orders
  • send personalized information like passwords to the subscribed mobile numbers
  • act as reminders for appointments
  • send personalized messages
  • perform targeted marketing activities

SMSArena is a fully featured bulk SMS platform that enables businesses to send SMS to their customers with the lowest cost. We offer high-quality SMS routes for all Spanish operators, great flexibility in SMS packages and a “best price” guarantee in order to make you feel 100% safe about your choice.

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