Password Recovery

Under the login form there’s a “Forgot Password” link. Click this link and type the mobile phone that was used for registration. Click “Reset Password” and you’ll receive an SMS with a new password

How much does it cost to send a message?

The cost depends on the amount of SMS credits that you want to buy. One credit equals one SMS (up to 160 characters) to a Spanish phone and the credits do not expire. The cost of our SMS credits bundles can be found in our Pricing page.

Where can I find API specifications?

To find our API specifications, you need to sign in SMSARENA’s Control Panel and go to Account settings (click your username) and select API settings. You will find all the required information to integrate our API with your system.

How can businesses buy bulk SMS messages?

All you have to do is create an account in SMSARENA, log in the Control panel and buy SMS from your account with 3 simple steps. Go to the “Purchase” screen and type in the number of SMS credits and the respective cost will be displayed Select a payment method Agree with our Terms of...

SMSArena is a fully featured bulk SMS platform that enables businesses to send SMS to their customers with the lowest cost. We offer high-quality SMS routes for all Spanish operators, great flexibility in SMS packages and a “best price” guarantee in order to make you feel 100% safe about your choice.

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