Bulk SMS is the ultimate communication tool for educational institutions.

The educational system faces new challenges not only because of the evolution of technology but also because of the new conditions created by COVID-19.

Students are encouraged to spend less and less time in educational institutions through e-learning.

Bulk SMS is the ultimate tool for communication between educational institutions and students, parents or guardians, and staff.

Schools, Universities, and other types of educational institutions can benefit greatly by integrating text messages into their existing communication systems. Below are some of the ways educational institutions can benefit from SMS:


Schools and universities can use SMS services to recruit students, send status updates to applicants and admission confirmation. The messages may include links and landing pages to direct prospective students to the right department and other useful resources.

Academic services

Text messages can be a great way of sending homework information and academic support to students. Teachers can send SMS notifications about workshops and courses, information on majors and career options as well as class cancellations.


The educational staff can use bulk SMS to send reminders for assignment deadlines outstanding payments, registrations, and other approaching events. Triggered SMS notifications can also be used to inform parents or guardians about upcoming meetings.

Event Notifications

Event notifications make students aware of future events and have the potential to increase attendance. Schools can send out SMS notifications for sporting events, career fairs, upcoming volunteer opportunities and any other gathering taking place on or around the campus.

Emergency alerts

The educational institutions can send out mass emergency notifications to staff and students instantly. In the event of an emergency or any kind of special conditions that disrupt the daily life of the educational community, everyone can be informed.

Benefits of SMS to schools and universities:

It’s cost-effective

Marketing campaigns can become a costly affair, especially when you encompass print media, visual media, PPC adverts, and others. Sending an SMS online, on the other hand, comes at a fraction of the cost. Saving time and money considering the high conversion rates of SMS, it’s possible to achieve an incredible ROI.

It’s direct

Almost every student owns a mobile phone, making SMS notifications a great way of reaching any student, anywhere, at any time. Text message alerts arrive directly in the inbox and remain as alerts on the recipient’s phone until they are opened. This is unlike email messages which may remain unread for hours or even days.

It’s measurable

Text messages are trackable, making monitoring and measuring the delivery and click rate of SMS alerts. This helps you review the effectiveness and optimization of your SMS campaign.


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